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Writer's Block: Vacation All I Ever Wanted
Describe your idea of a perfect summer vacation.
A nice 2-3 week tour around various cities in Switzerland.  Urban and rural with a nice combination of cows, fondue, sweets and scenery!  Love it, went there for about 4 days in Zurich.  LOVED IT.  Great museums, people, nightlife, resturaunts and places to shop.  EVERY THING ROCKS.

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You went to Switzerland?!?
Aw, how cool!
I've gone nowhere...:(
But hey, fondue? xP
What kind?

LOL Ja ja ja!! Switzerland rocks! You gotta check it out some time! AMAZING. My family and I forgot about the fondue, the chocolate was irrestable! They have revolutionized the ice cream we eat! They came up with pomegranite and grape flavoured ice cream do you know how amazing that is!? They put ginger and spices in their chocolate!!! Along with lemon grass!!! Sounds weird, but all of the food was fantastic! Idk, me and my family have a thing for traveling. Sorry I have'n't been on in a while, I've been really busy lately. How're you?

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